Meet Beth Cannon of Birthing Rhythm, Inc.
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Beth Cannon

Beth Cannon is a Los Angeles Midwife, who catches babies at born at home. She feels honored to work with families during this rite of passage and the intimate moments when babies emerge Earth-side.

Beth has studied with midwives and birth professionals from around the globe, as well as learning the art, science and skills of vaginal breech and twin birth. She is a graduate of The National Midwifery Institute, a Certified Professional Midwife with the North American Registry of Midwives, licensed by the California Medical Board and an advocate for people’s right to informed birth options and informed choice. Beth has a private practice, Birthing Rhythm, Inc., located in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Some of her pleasures include creating – specifically making art with textured papers, experiencing music, spending time at the beach, rock climbing and hiking.

She has an amazing husband and is mother to three children, all birthed out of the hospital, two in water and one on land.


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