Upcoming Workshops

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Wellness Workshops for Fertility

Every 3rd Saturday of each month* from 2:30-4:30 pm

These workshops will interweave all elements, concepts and practices that are integral to finding ease in the space of uncertainty, and optimizing your fertility.
Each workshop starts with Group Sharing & Support and then we include a mixture of:
• Fertility Yoga
• Breathe to Conceive©
• Fertility Ball Method® (Self-Acupressure for Fertility)
• Meditation & Mindfulness
• Emotional Intelligence
• Discussions on Environmental Toxins and improving lifestyle
+ other Gems of Wisdom

Wendy Obstler (Certified Yoga Therapist, Fertility Expert) and Deborah Anderson (Health Psychologist/Neuropsychologist, Fertility Expert) have been studying and teaching this work for over a decade, and have also experienced their own fertility challenges.

Pre-registration required: https://livinglela.com/classes/monthly-workshops-support-groups/#sign-up

For the months of April and July the workshop will be the 4th Saturday of the month, April 27 and July 27.